Crufts is without doubt The Biggest and the most Prestigious dog show in the World, owned and ran annually by the English Kennel Club.It is the one dog show that has inspired millions of dog owners and exhibitors to work tirelessly towards exhibiting on the Revered Green mats in the Hallowed halls of The National Exhibition Center in Birmingham, England .Crufts history is both unique and extremely interesting....

Our first trip to Crufts was in 1995 when we visited to experience all the splender of the great dog show and take in all the trade stands and breed rings before returning a few years later in 2002 with our boys Vision and Sparkle .On arrival in Liverpool, England we travelled to Birmingham where we checked into our hotel.The following morning we made our way to the N.E. C. where we sought our benches to place our dogs and show equipment.Our Class was called out and we made our way into the ring , husband and wife, Owner Handlers both a little nervous and excited but focused on our job in hand which was to show to the world the fruits of our labor, our two beautiful maltese boys .After close and thorough examination by the respected breed specialist judge miss Christine Turner, "Vision" was awarded Open Dog and "Sparkle" third place followed by Best of Breed being given to "Vision". We were ecstatic with joy but had to rush across the great halls of the N.E. C. to the group judging ring which was being televised live and thus ran like a military operation with precise timings. "Vision" once again showed his heart out for Sharon making the selection for final consideration by the respected group judge mr Albert White.

2003 we once again made the trip to Crufts with our boy "Sparkle" where Sharon prepared him with her unfailing devotion and presented him for consideration by the respected maltese breed specialist mr Richard Haynes who awarded him Open dog and finally Best of Breed. This year the Group judge was mrs Betty Flavel .

2004 Once again we made our trip to Crufts with our superstar boy "Sparkle" where we presented him for consideration to the respected maltese breed specialist mrs Marlene Townes who awarded him Open Dog and finally Best of Breed from a very strong International line up of maltese.This year we were considered by Group judge Liz Stannard who awarded him group three placing .What a result ! winning Best of Breed at Crufts THREE years in a row setting another record for maltese, Owned , Prepared and Handled all the time by OURSELVES.....