Since childhood I have been making sketches and drawings of horses and dogs starting on the school desks where I sat before actually putting pen and pencil to paper and canvas .During my teenage years I was inundated with requests to draw and paint on friends school bags,jackets and other items .Sculpting was a new phase I entered into after I was married due mainly to the constant disappointment of not being able to find decent ornaments of toy dogs or horses with correct conformation and general traits of the breeds i.e. Yorkshire Terriers and Maltese.One day my husband said " Why don't you make your own " so I did just that .I also enjoy Glass Engraving which is also quite challenging but very satisfying .see Sculpting and Glass Engraving

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With the many new developments in computers and graphics software during the recent years, it has become possible for my husband and I to combine his Digital Photography with my Original Drawings and Paintings to produce all sorts of Graphic Art Work such as Christmas and Event Cards, Business Cards, Pedigree's, Personal Writing Paper, Stud Cards etc.It is only now when we are working together that I realize how much easier it is nowadays to do the same work I used to do by hand almost 30 years ago when several pre press runs were required before seeing the finished work come off the press at the printers .A job evolved for me when my husband could not find anyone to design a personal QSL ( Radio Contact Card ) for him to use for his hobby as a licensed Radio Amateur , call sign GI4YCZ, so on completion and printing, some fellow radio amateurs asked me to design their cards also. The negative side of the advancement and lower cost of computers and digital imaging equipment are the ease at which many hours, days, or weeks of hard work in producing individual Art and Graphics work can be STOLEN electronically by way of copying without consent from the owner/ producer. Because it is displayed on a Web site does not mean it is there to be copied in any form, for any reason .

I have been very pleased and honored to have been commissioned to paint several very notable winning show Maltese, on canvas which is so much more individual than an enlarged photograph.Some of these paintings can be viewed in The Art Gallery section of our site and are only displayed by kind consent of the owners .Another memorable commission was the designing of the club logo for the Maltese Club of Greater Miami in Florida, USA.

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